Land Based Resilience


I promote regenerative practices of land stewardship. My primary focus is on designing wholistic landscape water systems that rehydrate our most precious community resource: our soils. 

A working landscape serves wildlife, insects, recreation, food production, and supports fire hardening of our homes and productive spaces.  The earth-centered ecological design principles I follow and outline here will empower you to perform critical ecological services on the land you manage, harden and protect your property against wildfires. Designed well, you can shape your landscape in a way that not only protects your land-bound investments, but also adds value and beauty while cultivating social benefits for your whole community.

Educational Materials

Throughout my website, I provide detailed information about landscape and rooftop water harvesting, fire hardening and other land stewardship techniques including best practices, tips, and case studies. My is to educate homeowners and property owners on the importance of sustainability measures and to empower them to make informed, long-term productive decisions about their properties. 

Every practitioner ideally inspires a few more, and one-by-one our watersheds and fire-sheds are becoming more resilient even though periods of extended drought conditions.

Consulting and Design Services

I also offer consultation and design services towards implementing wholistic land management plans including fire hardening and landscape water harvesting. I have many years of experience in designing and implementing rooftop rainwater and landscape water harvesting projects, greywater systems, planning fire hardened and fire reslient landscapes. 

I understand that every property and owner is unique and will work closely with my clients to create customized solutions that meet their unique and specific needs. With your input and after careful observation, I prepare custom plans for landscape solutions to some of the most challenging issues property owners and managers face in the west. As we work together, I will offer insight into my process and educate my clients on the underlying ecological rationale. 

Resilience Services

Rainwater Harvesting

Set yourself up to harvest the rains from rooftops and throughout your landscape! Basic principles offer guidance on simple adjustments that have an enormous cumulative effect.

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Reduce Risk & Be Ready

With adequate preparation you can protect all that you have invested in. Your entire family and household will be safer following these established best practices.

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Master Planning

From 1-acre residential to institutional scale: comprehensive water planning, fire management, ecological benefits, home sites, human spaces, food production. Align your landscape with your priorities!

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